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Best UHF VHF& Cell range with 25m jamming Jammer ouxlldcmoimdPQ for hidden.

  • Product Description
       If you are just in need of signal blocking service, trying to find an effective and easy-using gadget for it, do not miss out this UHF VHF& Cell Phone Jammer with 25m jamming range .
       In many cases, there will be necessity now and then for us to prohibit the use of gadgets like such mobile phone, walkie-talkie, Wifi devices and so on. For example, occasions like conference room, law court, examination, hospital may require isolation of mobile communication gadgets. Or serious locations such as government building, military camp finance, police etc, where there are a lot of information of great significance of to be kept confidential, jammer will be needed to avoid information leakage through all those wireless transmission communication gadgets.
       The multifunctional blocker mentioned can work well for the situation. The jammer is designed to block multi signals as GSM, CDMA, DCS, PCS, 3G, Wifi, UHF, VHF. Constructed with efficient thermal aluminum shell, the jammer is able to work for continuous 24h.
       The phone and wifi jammer is also featured with built-in directional antenna, which makes it much easier to be concealed. The adjustable jamming range is 1-25m , depending on the signal strength in area given.
    Shielding Range:
    -CDMA 870-894MHz  
    -GSM   930-960MHz  
    -DCS 1805-1880MHz 
    -PCS 1930-1990MHz 
    -3G   2110-2170MHz  
    -WiFi 2400-2500MHz
    -VHF 135-175MHz
    -UHF 400-470MHz
    Power supply: AC adapter(AC110V/220V-DC5V)
    Single output power:+35dBm / 2W
    Output Power: 16W        
    Jamming range: Up to 25m(-75dBm, the jamming radius still depends on the strength signal in given area)
    Safety regulation:AC Adapter UL (E190582) /CSA (LR112971 Level 3)
    Temperature: -40 to +55?
    Relative humidity: ?90%(RH)
    Air pressure:86~106kPa
    Dimension: 390(L) x 300(W) x 120(H) mm
    Cell Phone WiFi Blocker & UHF VHF Jammer
    Power Cable


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