Top Telequipment Cell Jammer 10- 40 meters Glhkmscaf for ebay.

In 2003, one film you could never miss was Cell Phone shot by Xiaogang Feng. Our life now fulled with the noise and interuption of cell phone. One way to avoid this situation is to block the signals from cell phone. And this type Cell Phone Jammer can makes your wish came true. It can infrared remote control can open and close the jammer, Up and down the power. And cna work as long as 8 hours.

RF Frequency : 869-894MHz,925-960MHz, 1805-1880MHz, 3G(Europe Market Frequency)

Advantage : Infrared remote control can open and close the jammer, Up and down the power. Need 5 minutes break after continuously working for 8 hours (best for testing room).

Weight : 1.7KG/PCS

Shielding Radius : 10- 40 meters (Signal ≤-75dBm) 

Total Output power :9W

Power supply : AC adapter (AC100-240V DC5V)

Dimension : 233 x 33 x 106 mm


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